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Working Space :




Max working speed :

Max 170 spm

(stone per minute)

Color or sizes : 1 color
SS6(2mm), SS10(3mm)
SS16(4mm), SS20(5mm)

Rhinestone Elite

Electricity : Single Phase 110V/220V(50~60Hz)

Machine size : (W) 700 / (D) 6000 /

(H) 300 (mm)

Machine weight : 22kg

Air compressor free 

One touch change the hopper

Rhinestone Elite doesn’t need any peripheral device like an air compressor.

Users can change the hopper by one touch and installation of the material is very convenient.  Users can make design using various colors or sizes.

Convenient operation by the computer

The machine can be operated more  conveniently by using a computer to operate.

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